Thursday, May 10, 2007

Burn this letter

Gotta make this quick.
Writing a letter to my mama.
Mother's day is Sunday.
No way she'll get her envelope by then.
But I talked to her for more than an hour yesterday
(lovely visit)
and she assured me she'd survive.

All my clothes fit in my closets! I took a big batch to Goodwill and an even bigger batch to this cool clothing store on Lexington, Madame Butterfly. Told the fabulous proprietress that I didn't need lots o' cash, just wanted the clothes to be out there in the world, where other thrifty funky fashion chicks would find them. Might get myself trade credit for the occasional new prom dress for science fiction conventions. It'll be a blast.

Okay, now the letter to my mama. See ya.

Blog alternative:
45. Write a letter to your mama, even if she lives next door, or even if she no longer lives. Tell her something you're grateful for. (That's going to be easy with my mama, but I know it's more of a challenge for some mamas. Even something about the strength you gained for dealing with the world by dealing with her is something to be grateful for.) Send the letter. Of course, not every mama is reachable by postal service. Maybe you don't know who your mama is, for example. Or maybe she's no longer walking this planet. For those no-known-address mamas, you can send the letter by burning it, or reading it out loud under a tree or in a quiet corner.