Wednesday, July 11, 2007

self-portrait as moon goddess

(Possibly) better late than never. (You tell me. Grin.)

I'm home! Yay. Arrived Monday, a little later than expected due to traffic before disfunction junction (where 40 splits off to go the Knoxville or Hickory). Pleasant conversation in the car anyway, so no big deal.

It's been a whole week since last I wrote. So much has happened. I did take the bus & enjoyed it thoroughly. Only 16 hours or so. I had talked to a woman in the seat ahead of me & was actually doing some energy healing before the bus was out of Miles City. It turned out she has twins who were born on my birthday--although some years later, of course. We had a lovely talk & then I went back to my seat to snooze. Later, when we'd both slept & the bus was getting more crowded, she invited me to come up & sit with her, on the assumption that it's better to pick your roommate than get stuck.

My son Zach picked me up in Minneapolis after he got done with work. Since he was a going to be a little while, I met a friend at Brit's Pub first. What a treat to get a ride from Zach--a couple hours of conversation uninterrupted by car parts! We talked work ethics & aesthetics & relationships & finance & many other wonderful things. I told him how fabulous he was & he said, "You're my mom; you have to say that." I said, "Nu-uh. I know lots of moms who gripe about their kids. And besides, other people tell me you're fabulous." So he said, "You're my mom; they have to tell you that."

In Minnesota, I did several Reconnective Healings, including distance healing for a woman in Wisconsin. It was very cool & seemed helpful for her, so she scheduled 2 more sessions. I love my work.

For being in Minnesota for such a short time--Tuesday night through early Monday morning--and without wheels at that, I sure spent a lot of time in cars. 3 trips to the cities. (Poker with Coralee; lost $40 & had lots of fun. Jim Carey's surprise going away party--you'll find him in London. Back up with Zach to my cousin's house on Sunday night so I could get a ride to the airport by 6 a.m.)

Since I got home, I've done 3 paintings. (self-portrait as moon goddess is one of the titles. Still haven't figured out picture posting, so you can merely imagine it. Who knows--your imagined picture may be cooler than the one I actually painted. Perhaps I should do a blog consisting solely of the titles of imaginary paintings.)

So far my walking has been to the post office & back, & to the wi-fi place & back, so I cannot give you the tadpole report. I do not have high hopes for their survival. R.J. is doing well. I saw 2 bunnies, a black squirrel & a fat, fluffy, black & white cat while walking around the block to occasionally get away from the bar noise at the surprise party. Only the cat allowed--nay, demanded--petting.

I need to get back home & do another healing session. When next you hear from me, I'll probably be in Virginia, seeing Nick & his research program & his new friends.

Blog alternative:
64. Walk. At least around the block. Bonus points if it's a block you've never been around before.