Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'll have baloney toast--hold the marshmallow creme

okay, I confess.

I am writing this blog tonight for other than the sheer love of blogging.

I want to reverse the slow, steady decline of posts-per-month, or ppm, as we fondly call them.

April ppm 18
May ppm 15
June & July ppm 9
August ppm 7

Currently the September ppm stands at 5, & only by posting today & tomorrow (30 days hath September, after all) will I be able to tie with August. October is my big chance to get my numbers back up. You hear--all you who have been predicting the demise of Winter in Asheville! (umm, you out there, you naysayers?)

Anyway, you don't have to read this, since it's strictly an exercise in getting one more post out there.

I worked on Getting Things Done today. Wrote a letter to my friend Maxine. I know, Bill, you're screaming, if only silently, Maxine? Who have you been owing a letter to for, oh, eons? My name's not Maxine. I know, Bill. But you are not 92, as is Maxine, so she got her letter first. Is it any consolation to know that I then put pen to paper on your behalf & your letter almost exists. Perhaps I should say partially exists instead. Anyway, it has been begun. (Now there's some messed up time sense in that last sentence...) You'll have to forgive me for writing a boringly normal letter, but I still have all that sand from Nags Head, so you could be in peril yet.

I ate supper at the Grove Park Inn, at one of the more moderately priced restaurants, the Blue Ridge Dining Room. The Grove Park Inn is a VERY swanky hotel, so more moderately priced does not mean moderately priced. I had an appetizer & iced tea & it was over $20. It was super delish--shrimp & grits with gravy. Ummm. Watched the sun set behind the mountains. Or, to be more astronomically correct: watched the mountains rise to obscure the sun. Grin.

To continue with a food report: For breakfast I had toast & peanut butter. For lunch I had toast & cheese. Did I mention I bought a toaster this week? Toasters toast so much better than combination microwave/broiler/ovens do. I guess that's why they call them toasters.

Okay, I think this counts as a post.

See you tomorrow.

Blog alternative:
I mean
84. Toast something. Bread or a waffle or a bagel or an English muffin. Then put something on it. Butter or peanut butter or cheese or cream cheese or jelly or marshmallow creme or some combination of the above. Or something entirely different. Baloney is good. That really thin deli ham. (For the record, I am NOT recommending baloney & marshmallow creme as a combo...)