Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gwyneth Paltrow's eyeliner & other excesses

Okay, this is it! I have successfully (& joyfully, more to the point) surpassed last month's blogging ppm. Yay me. Happy Halloween to you.

I'm sitting in a Travelodge in Winchester, Virginia, on my way to the World Fantasy convention. Why Winchester? Blame the dj in my head. On the early part of the drive, the song "Winchester Cathedral" was seriously stuck in my mind's jukebox. I can think of worse songs to be stuck with. It was rather pleasant, but curious. Why that?

I had initially planned on driving further today, since Mapquest estimates the trip from Asheville to Saratoga Springs at 13 hours, 40 minutes--& I'm sure that's not taking into account the road construction that is rumored near my destination. (Note to self: check WFC website for an update after posting blog...) But, I got going a little later than intended, so I was just tooling along in the beautiful sunny fall day, with all the mountains & the autumnummy trees, occasionally singing bits of "Winchester Cathedral." I ate half a can of Pringles & drank two bottles of Fuze orange blossom white tea & ate some Mentos. Ahh, car food.

Then, when I started thinking about stopping, it occurred to me that the name Winchester had begun to show up on the roadsigns. Coincidence? I almost went past, but by the time I reached exit 313 (13 & a palindrome!) it was dark & the traffic had picked up & golly gee there was a Cracker Barrel right there & that was a good enough sign for me. So here I am, back at the hotel, having eaten beans & greens, & one pancake. I drove 407.7 miles so far. (Okay, so I didn't zero the trip-set until I had just hit the highway, so it won't be door-to-door miles, but that's okay.)

So, time for a bath & some meditation & sleep, glorious sleep. I hope treats galore are in store for you all. Happy All Hallows.

P.S. I almost have Suzuki sent out. Couldn't find the card with the editor's email as I was dashing about, so I'll get it from him at the convention. I think I have to add bits about where people get on & off Amtrak trains (some of them invisibly) (actually, only one of them invisibly) & it's good to go. So I feel close enough on my self-imposed deadline.

Blog alternative:
93. Decorate yourself for Halloween. I think I'll go as Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tennenbaums. I actually hated that movie & thought her eyeliner was the best part. (On second thought, I don't want to use up all my eyeliner in fell swoop, when I'm not actually going to be seen by anyone, so I may just imagine doing it...)