Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Me & my shadow

This is my mom & I on the trail through the gorge of the Stillwater River. Vicki Genfan is doing a mother's day song, requesting images from her fans. I submitted this one, so it will probably be on her song. I'll give you the details whence I have them.

Can't blog long, as I didn't bring a cord & the computer is running low on battery. I'll just tell you that the other morning, in the bathtub, I was feeling like a million dollars & I laughed out loud & thought, "Well, I suppose a girl can go on discount every once in a while." A mere million dollars! Hah!

Life is proceeding swimmingly. Battery is at 16%.

Hence, blog alternative:
122. Give yourself a very generous appraisal of value--oh, you can include bank accounts & IRAs if you want, but I think you should start with your smile or your hula hooping ability...