Sunday, July 6, 2008

Taoist Californi--get out of my microcosmic orbit!

So I was lying there meditating, breathing in the microcosmic orbit fashion & I found myself thinking of the situations (interestingly messy) & characters (neurotic but charming, mostly) from a cable show called Californication. In spite of the very witty writing, I am not recommending this show--& not just because of the sex & language. (Those don't bother me.) No, the reason I don't recommend it is because--well, because it's television. Episodic. Intentionally contagious. Unlike a movie, which (unless it's part of a trilogy, & the others better be in the can!) needs some sort of story line closure, TV series thrive & survive on teasing, dancing around an issue without resolving it, trotting out a new subplot or leaving a main character in a compromising or dangerous or somesuch scenario.

I know. It's my fault. I'm the one that watched the dvd of the first season of the show. I haven't had television since May of 2003. I've had combinations: cable but no (by choice) television in my first apartment, currently a flat screen & dvd player but no cable. I even like television. I had 5 favorite shows when I moved out & quit televisioning. (Crossing Jordan, CSI (the original), ER, West Wing & Enterprise (not that it's my favorite Star Trek, but it was the flavor available at the time.)) But I find television gets stuck in ones head. It's like purposefully exposing yourself to one of those songs that--quick, think of something else. Whew. Narrow escape.

So I'm for sticking with movies. (Although I did watch several episodes of World Poker Tour the Saturday night I was in Elizabeth City. Those aren't cliffhangers.) I like my mind to be at least partly capable of sustaining thoughts of my choosing--or no thoughts at all.

My 3rd post for the month! I feel like such an over-achiever. That's the big benefit of slacking off so much during the first half of the year. July 6th & I'm already halfway to my previous monthly record.

Blog alternative:
134. Pick something you never--or rarely--do & set a new record. Rearranging the silverware drawer for example. (I just switched the spoons with the forks. Probably mess me all up. Or it could really activate my corpus callosum.)