Saturday, June 23, 2007

Self portrait as a lazy frog

Sunday morning. I just committed Rice Krispie Treats. My parents are making a feast for their after-church visiting. A lot of people bring cookies when its their turn. My folks are bringing a crockpot with little smokies in apricot barbecue sauce (the sauce was left over from my cousin's wedding) & a veggie tray & a cheese & deer sausage tray & Lorene's nut bars (Lorene is a friend of my sister & this is a way cool recipe) & (ta da) Rice Krispie Treats.

We had steak for supper last night--specially prepared on the grill by my dad. Friday night I came home from Red Lodge (see next paragraph for why) & had kipper snacks & popcorn & beer for supper. My parents were at a wedding & I took this rare vacation opportunity to not eat a lot. Grin. Then I sat in a recliner with a great view of the hillside where deer often come & meditated. Sent out a lot of love & healing energy.

The reason I headed back Friday is that poor R.J. the dog is on really shaky ground. The vet operated again Friday afternoon/evening & found that the sutures had dissolved & some of his intestinal contents had spilled into the abdomen. She used different sutures & we're all crossing our fingers & praying & sending energy & such. It's up to R.J. now, because the vet won't operate again. He's a sweet, strong dog. Anyway, when I found out he was in surgery again, I figured my sister & her husband would be better off without company, even such delightful company as me.

(As I was writing this, my sister called. R.J. seems in good spirits & they're going to try to take him home when they see the vet at 11 or so. Home with his mama & his brother & his people he'll be more comfortable & happy, for whatever his path. My sister said they're trying not to be too optimistic & I said heck, go ahead. If he gets better, they won't have wasted that time worrying & if he doesn't, they won't have wasted the rest of their time with him worrying.)

My folks & I have been playing Pitch. Usually we play Pinochle, but when they visited me in Asheville last fall we got on a Pitch kick & it was really fun. 3-handed Pinochle isn't nearly as fun as 4-handed, but 3-handed Pitch rocks.

Enough of my blabbering. Send good stuff to R.J. Remember to say All is Well. (How's that going for you?) Breathe.

Blog Alternative:
61. Get your hands on a camera--digital is great, but even a little disposable from the grocery store will do if that's all that's available--& take pictures of whatever you want. If you want ideas, here are a few:
self portraits of yourself as a shadow or a reflection (one of my favorite things to take pictures of)
flowers (do some of them with your hand touching the flowers--another way to do a self portait. it also gives scale & personalizes)
ground level shots of a lazy frog (or something else if you don't have a cooperative lazy frog available)