Thursday, June 21, 2007

When my mother had no name

Friday. (I know, it says Thursday. It's wrong.) Red Lodge, Montana. Coffee shop. WiFi. Waiting for the dog report. (Back at the vet because he was bleeding.) Did some watercoloring, with a set of kid-level paints & a very bad brush. This reinforces my intent--backburnered for a while--to get a new compact watercolor set like the one I gave Nick. Also did some low-tech writing. Pencil & spiral bound notebook.

Talked to a couple friends. One of them was having issues with her daughter, & telling me it was only going to get worse. I gently reminded her--she really knew already, wise woman that she is--that she was making assumptions. We all do it, & I bless the friends that remind me when I'm at that place. (So, please help me out with that if you see that I need it!)

Yesterday my mom & I walked up the Gorge, where the Stillwater River gets rowdy in the canyon. We spent equal time in awe at white water splashing & crashing over rocks, & little flowers growing in cracks in steep cliffs. One of these days I'll figure out how to put pictures on the blog. (I confess I have spent zero time trying to figure this out. grin.)

We also spent a lot of time talking about our wonderful family & optimism. My mom said she didn't have a name until she was in 8th grade. There was one on her birth certificate, of course, & her teachers probably called her by it, but her family & the neighbors always called her Happy, or Hap for short. In 8th grade she decided she was tired of not having a name & asked to be called by hers, but what a fabulously revealing nickname.

Just met 3 brothers (from California, Kansas & Maine) who have a pact to get together every year or 2 & really spend some quality time. Lovely people! Lovely pact!

I'm going to go see a gallery or two, now that I've committed art.

Blog Alternative:
60. Draw something with your non-dominant hand. (That way if it's good you know it's a happy accident & if it's umm, less appealing, oh well, what did you expect?) Repeat until done, & have fun.