Wednesday, April 18, 2007

27 things to do rather than reading this

I don't watch television or do much web-surfing or (gasp) read blogs, so why should you read mine? Answer--maybe you shouldn't.

27 alternatives to reading blogs, by Laurel Winter
  1. write a poem
  2. get up at 3 a.m. and perpetrate an ephemeral work of guerrilla art
  3. kiss someone who would like it if you kissed them
  4. go for a walk
  5. learn to LOVE watercolors
  6. read a poem
  7. purchase and disassemble and eat a pomegranate
  8. remove 3 items from your closet (trash or charity? you choose)
  9. write to someone you love
  10. open the dictionary at random and read until you find a word you don't know
  11. take a bath by candle light
  12. write to someone you think you might love, given half a chance
  13. throw away all your single socks
  14. floss
  15. start a screenplay/novel/mural
  16. memorize a poem
  17. actually do one of the hobbies you have the parts for
  18. sing something you know at least some of the words to
  19. visit someone you know in an old folks' home (I know, not PC)
  20. go through your cell phone contacts and call someone you haven't talked to in a while
  21. box up the parts for a hobby you know you will not do and find a good home for it
  22. draw something and stick it on your fridge
  23. visit someone you don't know in an old folks' home
  24. dance around the living room
  25. have a tea party with friends (imaginary/real/stuffed)
  26. admire yourself in a full-length mirror
  27. plan an adventure