Monday, April 23, 2007

International wear-your-hat-backwards day

happy birthday to me

but wait
--you say--
wasn't yesterday your birthday?
well, yes, technically
but I celebrate the birthday week rather than the birthday day
lots more fun that way
maybe when I turn 50 I'll begin celebrating the birthday month

today I glammed up in a pink and orange and yellow dress, with a white straw hat with a gold-sequinned hat band. I wear it backwards so the giant bow is in the front, cuz I like it better that way. I hung around for most of the afternoon waiting for UPS to deliver a package and then gave up (probably 5 minutes before they arrived. go figure.) and went to the Drip to check my email, but their new wireless system was buggy, so instead I had a bonding session with 3 girlfriends and did some sudoku.

after that, I picked up my mail at the
I did NOT pass the prospective member examination bar for the gallery
ah, well,
something else or sometime else.

now I'm at a different coffee shop (Port City Java, for you ashevillains) doing the wireless thing. about done, which is a good thing, cuz I'm hungry.

blog alternative for the day:

31. go to an art gallery and decide which piece--if price were no object--you would purchase and where you would put it in your home