Thursday, April 19, 2007

63 degrees, white blouse, grateful spider

Ah, the fabulosity of today. I had breakfast at Sunny Point; went to the Arboretum with a friend, where we walked in the gardens and meditated in the visitor center and went barefoot on the grass and gravel; reclaimed my held mail from the secret caverns of 2 different post offices; paid my auto insurance with not one day to spare; got a haircut from Casey at Dang Salon; and walked into the Dripolator during the intensest (yeah, I know, not really a word) part of a brief afternoon thunderstorm. (Plus saved a long-legged spider from the bathtub, using a plastic cup and a post card.)

Today I am wearing a lovely white lacy ruffly blouse (you really could NOT call it a shirt) that is a hand-me-down from my exhusband's girlfriend's mother.

Filosofy for today: Be here, now. (Wherever "here" is.) You cannot be anywhere (or anywhen) else.

Blog alternative for today:

28. choose your favorite temperature--not a range, but a specific degree

(mine is 63 degrees fahrenheit)
(I flirted with 64, but no)