Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quantum clouds of possibility--100% chance of rain

In yet another coffee shop, this one in Weaverville.

Had a fun conversation with two women with great energy--did a little reconnective healing and had to get out my driver's license to claim my age.

So, back in time to the last post, a couple days ago
(hey, it's my birthday week, I can't be blogging all the time!)
my three favorite things about me now
quantum cloud of possibility (little fizzix groupie girl had to get this one in here) manifesting into incredible destiny (little meta-fizzix girl had to add this part)

I'll have to wait to do the other variations on the theme, cuz it's back out into the wide wet wonderful world for me.

your blog alternative

33. drive to a little town you've never (or rarely) been to and seek out a coffee shop or a mom&pop diner. order your second favorite thing on the menu, so you'll come back for number one another time.

today's philosofizzix (from a book I'm working on)

You can choose something or complain about it, but not both.