Friday, January 11, 2008

North Carolina Wussie Chick survives arctic blast

Self portrait on Inch Beach, Ireland, September 2005.

I have not forgotten you, unless you are someone I have forgotten. Grin.

What has kept me away is a long list, including but not limited to,
lack of connectivity
visiting with the coffee shop guys when I did have wi-fi
happy joy of getting back home
computer being goofy
computer guy not calling me back
several etceteras, I'm sure

Minnesota was blasted, mind-blowing cold. (Okay, so it was only barely below zero, with wind, but remember, I've kinda sorta turned into a North Carolina wussie chick.) I was staying at my ex-husband's house, which has a busted thermostat. The heat stays between 58 & 61 degrees all the time. Our son, who is watching it for him, simply wears a coat when he's hanging around there. Plus the garage heater is working just fine, which suits him fine. Anyway, when I saw the temp outside was 5.9 degrees (with a wind!) & the temp inside was 59 degrees, I knew I was not in North Carolina any more. (To prove that I haven't ENTIRELY turned into the aforementioned N.C.W.C., by the end of the week when it was up to 40 degrees (with a wind) I was wandering around with my coat unzipped remarking on how warm it had become.)

I'm sure there are billions of things I would have told you, had I blogged the first 10 days of this month, or the last 2 of last month. Sorry. I can't tell you any of them any more. Gone. Ftttt. Kaput. Except I will tell you I had much funs in Minnesota & that my future-daughter-in-law is a stupendous massage therapist.

Yesterday I wrote a new little quantum fizzixy story (longhand, since my computer is wonky) & worked on a painting & did some collaging & drawing in my journal. I stepped outside only to put a couple items in the recycling bin, just cuz I was so busy doing. Didn't even get the mail. Today I popped out & did that & drove to Weaverville to walk around. Funnest thing I saw there: 3 shaggy ponies, in a pasture a block from the main drag. I did follow the trail of one "for sale by owner" sign, but it ended up being a boring-looking house with 2 EXTREMELY yappy dogs for next-door neighbors. I'm thinking Weaverville is probably not where I'll end up, but it was fun to look at anyway.

The real reason I blogged today was so I could have Blog alternative 111 on 11 January, or, as many people put it, 1/11. So, here goes.

Blog alternative:
111. Walk or drive past a house that's for sale & make a list of the reasons why you would buy it, & the reasons why you wouldn't.