Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nomads R Us. Northern climes or bust.

Merry Happy Everyday, y'all.

I am off on a pre-holiday, holiday & post-holiday adventure. Actually, that sentence makes no sense. Is there a day that isn't holly-wholly-holy? Not on my calendar.

I am turning into a nomad for 3 weeks, with only a backpack & a toiletries bag that contains mostly art supplies & notebooks. I shall not let the grass grow under my feet--mostly because I am going to be in northern climes (don't you just love to say "climes") & it's cold & snowy in them thar hills.

So, in case I don't blog again until Janus turns his face toward the new year, may you celebrate the birth of the new you every day.

Blog alternative:
181. Plan a trip to another time zone, another temperature zone, another dimension. Pack light--only what you can carry. This is imaginary, perhaps, so you really can get by without 3 extra pairs of shoes. Perhaps, like Bilbo, you run off for the first adventure of your life without even a pocket handkerchief. Do you want to go to the Victorian Age? Visit Camelot? Enjoy the trip.