Monday, July 25, 2011

Good morning rainshine

Today we have rain
water from the sky
I was ready
heat waves are not my first
(or second)

I like rain & cool nights with the windows open. Good thing I live in the mountains. Of course, I like sun, too, but I do modify the old song--"always walk on the shady side of the street." Never been much for lying out in the sun. I get bored. Also hot. No, give me a nice spot of shade & perhaps a mojito. A little rainshine.

This is kinda sorta an excuse to blog, but I will not linger here. Neither should you.

Blog alternative:
213. Go window shopping. Really. Look at windows. Restaurants sometimes have nice ones. Look for old ones with cracked paint on the frames, maybe cracked glass in the frames. Stained glass. Interesting shapes. How about a window of opportunity or a window to the soul?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Kindergarten blind date

what is the summer?
a not-blog zone?
do not worry, though,
about my relationship with words & pictures.
I write away.
I write to.
I write out & into.
I draw upon & out & together.
new & newish & a little bit old.
the past five years, mostly,
the new baby work is a big
girl/boy now,
off to school.
mother, I'd rather do it myself!
you go right ahead...
I'll do the laundry & make lunches
& be there when you want to talk.

seriously & playfully, I am getting the work together. or the work is getting me together. either way, we are having so much fun.

so, back to work.

Blog alternative:
212. Dust off an old idea. Introduce it to a new idea, or another old idea. Look at your watch & say, "omigoodness, I have to be somewhere!" Dim the lights & hit the romantic music on the way out. Imagine the ideas, laughing at your obviousity, getting ready to go off & do their own things, but deciding they might as well drink the wine you opened before you left...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Love letters to June, wherever she may be now

I have successfully eluded June, or she me. Who was in hiding? Who was the stalker? Who hired a private detective & who stole her own identity & threw its ashes into the sea? June & I--

--oh, we pretended we didn't know each other, but we were carrying on a secret affair, with code words and messages left in empty wine bottles, written with invisible ink on papyrus. We rented a hotel room for thirty days & kept the do-not-disturb sign hanging, stealing fresh sheets & towels from the carts & sliding tips for the maids under the door, sneaking in & out via the service elevator. An hour or less sometimes, the proverbial quickie, & once a full week of lounging skin to skin. We met in forests & on the blank pages of journals. We sent each other crypt0-erotic emails & detailed business plans. Transactions. Intersections.

Who was Laurel & who was June? We couldn't tell each other apart. As we embraced & picnicked & sang in the (thunder)shower, so many things blossomed around us. Then, suddenly, she was gone. All that is left is the bouquet, the scent of the flowerings, the petal potpourri:

first & second place in poetry for the NCCCR Artist's & Writers Quarterly

first & second place in fiction

Roger Dutcher, the editor of the Magazine of Speculative Poetry, emailed me & asked me to send poems &, by the way, did I own the artwork on my blog & did I ever do black & white & would I be interested in doing cover art

Diane Severson Mori, who has a show called Poetry Planet on the podcast StarShip Sofa, sent me a link to her first segment, which included a poem of mine (Emily Dickinson never) & asked for more poems on time travel

got notification from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt that "egg horror poem" has re-upped for next year's 9th grade literature textbook

sent poems &/or stories to 5 or 6 magazines

wrote a bunch (can't count that high, not enough fingers & toes) of poems & a short story that may become a longer story or may stay the creepy little jewel it is now

sent off my state privilege license for "The Art of Healing" so I can officially practice my energy work

did a bunch more reorganizing on my room, including some deep paper work, some surface shining & much more--plus retained enthusiasm for the next wave & am keeping up with maintenance

re-instituted the "lifting weights most even-numbered days" plan

watched movies, played poker, took walks, drew pictures, cooked great food, felt great joy, thought great thoughts, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (That could be enough etceteras to cover the rest of my clandestine affair with June...)

Blog alternative:
211. Sneak off & have a delicious secret affair with a day. Tell no one. (Well, you can tell me...)