Thursday, April 21, 2016

Re-re-(re?)-inventing myself

Wendy & I with her puppies when I was
up in Portland with Ron & Barb

I'm doing it again. It makes sense, me being out here on a new coast, with no one around who knows who I was being before. Re-inventing myself.

We do it all the time, moving from grade school to high school (not too successfully, in my case) or from high school to college. (Now THAT was fun. Grin.) We have personas we assume in certain situations (prom dress girl at science fiction conventions) & some that we doggedly try for a while, because we started, but it just doesn't take.

My name is like that. When I moved to North Carolina, I started introducing myself exclusively as "Laurel" even though I've always felt a little imposterish not being Laurie. It'll take some getting used to, I assumed. I like the name Laurel. I actually LOVE the name Laurel. I like it just fine when someone calls me Laurel. I just don't feel downhome, old jeans & a poker t-shirt, comfy in it. It's more like a pseudonym. So, here, I'm back to Laurie.

I know a Kathryn that never looks in the rear view mirror at Kathy, & a Victoria who is NOT-Vicky, although she also likes to answer to Vic. Me, I guess I'm just a Laurie, although if you call me Laurel (from science fiction conventions or North Carolina) I'll wear it like a pearl necklace & be just fine with it.

I've got some other things shifting & sorting as well (coffee? tea?) but I'm in no hurry to finish (hah! as if we ever could) the re-re-re-invention process.

Blog alternative:
305. Think about your current incarnation. Are there any aspects that have been chafing a bit? Remember, just because you started doesn't mean you have to finish up that way...