Monday, February 27, 2012

Eye candy can do what you do do well, boyz & girlz

I bought a trumpet today. It's been eye candy-ing me every time I walked past the antique store that windowed it. The antique store that's going out of business here & being reborn in another form in Charleston. The antique store that drew me in today on my way to & from doing some other work & the asking price -- cash only -- was $1 less than I had in my wallet. (The reason I had that particular cash in my wallet anyway was because I'd already gone to the bank to get cash to buy a display shelf for $20. Now that was a great deal, too.) So, now, I have $1 & a trumpet. (Okay, I have far more than $1, but now I have a trumpet, too.)

So funny, because the trumpet was the one thing Derrick wanted from that store, although he had only walked past it when it was closed. (I'll let him use my trumpet. He actually kinda sorta from grade school days knows how to play.)

I was going to show you my trumpet -- or at least its shadow, for I took pictures of me carrying it home -- but I don't see, in this very second, the cord that hooks my camera up to my computer, so the trumpet picture will have to wait. To stay with the musical theme, though, I have a picture of an old piano that lives in an art gallery that is attached to a wine bar.

I've been having fun with still. Here are my Frequently used words from 27 February 2012 (see, I do do dates that way).

already also art back car cool could derrick door ex go going got he just little might mirror my not now paper piece show somewhere still stuff trumpet up

Blog alternative:

226. Think about some eye candy you've seen in a window. Imagine a place for it in your home or office. Or, imagine it displayed in a restaurant or coffee shop that you frequent.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Warm-alicious, do the dishes

dandelion & little blue flower

February has been warm-alicious. Things are blooming & popping up. The birds are happy, if confused. Today it is a bit more seasonal, with wind & a high of 46, but that's still warmish rather than conformish.

I shall art today, of the visual sort. Walk, at least a bit. Perhaps play a bit of poker at Buffalo Wild Wings. Straighten up things. Do laundry. Maybe even some further closet cleansing. (The urge to purge.) Assemblage. Collage. Photographage.

So many things. Time to get to 'em. &--throwing in the kitchen sink--I've already smoothified some fruits & vegetables & imbibed the resulting elixir & washed up the dishes.

Blog alternative:
225. (Which is fun, because it's 2/25, if you happen to do dates that way. I don't. I like to go from most changing-y thing (day) to medium changing-y thing (month) to least changing-y thing (year) as in 25 February 2012. The other great thing about doing it that way is that it gets rid of commas in dates.) (But, I digress...) Ahem, 225. Search for signs of spring, even if it's just the idea for spring cleaning in your own space.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hub Cap Champagne

in the kitchen, a bag of light

This is where I explain that I've gotten back into habit & somehow that feels "write-y" enough that I blog less. Perhaps I will find the balance soon. Also, as you may see if I don't catch them all, I have the habit of not using capital letters (except for I) as I merrily type away on my daily 3 page equivalent. Ah well.

The spelling bee this month was an informal affair that involved dollars not at all, as the only participants (I shall not even call us competitors, as there was no eliminating) were myself & my ex-doctor-pilot friend Joe (from Buffalo Wild Wings, where he watches sports & has a drink or 2 while I play poker & have a beer) who is a very good speller & Mary, who has fun with it while she bartends at Olive or Twist. We just sat around & spelled. Joe is definitely going to give me a run for my money if we end up in actual competition mode.

The other new news sort of thing is that we had our first ballroom dance class on Monday night in Black Mountain. Very stimulating. Plus you get incredibly tired just moving your feet in the same step pattern over & over. Although it was billed as a four-session beginning waltz & swing class, there were quite a few people there who had taken it one or more times & the instructor moved pretty quickly from one thing to another. We looked at each other & moved back into practicing the basic box. That was enough. Get at home inside the basic box & THEN you can move out into the world of turns & such. It was fun & also included an exploration (solo & tandem) of various Black Mountain shops.

I believe I shall pop out for another bag of light soon. Return a movie to the post office (The First Olympics: Athens, 1896 -- part 2 to Blockbuster Online) & one to the library (Coco Before Chanel). Life, she be so good.

Blog alternative:
224. Pick up some free art supplies from the ground. Yesterday I found pieces of a broken cup, several mardi gras feathery boa bits with grass & mulch & dirt added, & who knows what all else. Use them in a collage or even just put them in a wine glass in a sunny window. (Unless one of your art supplies was a hub cap, as I found a couple of days ago. I do not recommend putting a hub cap in a wine glass.)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Kudzu Wrangle rides off into the sunrise

the "before" picture of my closet
after the closet shelf had fallen down, with all inhabitants

The end of February's first week. Feb is excited (we're close friends, so I get to call her Feb) because she gets an extra day this year. She's a little sensitive about her duration -- it's called "short month's syndrome" -- so she tries to pack things in. Snow. Warm spells. Valentine's Day. When none of the other months were interested, she even bid on (successfully!) Groundhog's Day.

We have groundhogs here. We call them beavers, because that's what the little boy who used to live here called them (his last name is Beavers). The little ones are so cute. They are eating machines, which is good, since there's a ton of kudzu around. Kudzu is a very underutilized creature. I'm thinking of adding Itinerant Kudzu Wrangler to my job description & wandering around into people's yards, offering to train their kudzu into a gazebo.

Time for coffee & a shower & trying on a bunch of clothes. I bought a Groupon for Picture People in the mall & am going to be photographed.

Blog alternative:
224. Make up a strange job from bits & bites of your life, or the life around you. Imagine the resume.