Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leaf peepers, the eleventh plague...

the fabric of spacetime, found in a coffeeshop

The good news is
I found my summer clothes.
The bad news is
it's October.
The good news is
it's October
& the leaves are being peeped with great delight,
with highs in the 70s & lows in the 40s.
The good news is
I found my winter clothes.
The good news is
there is no bad news.

Blog alternative:
193. Consider that you make your own news. Make some good news out of whatever olds happen to be around.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hot-wired peach guava eudemonics

I took someone's old red car for a spin...

Last time I mentioned that I was about to enter the end of E, & that--by the time I reached the beginning of A--it would be the first time I'd looked at every page in my dictionary. How fitting that I would mention that before delving into E, because way back when I looked at every E-word & wrote bunches of them down for my then-husband because he'd written a program--unused now at IBM, so I'm cleared to release this information--called ELAPS & he wanted a good E word to start of the name. IBM just LOVES acronyms. I can't remember if Bruce had already decided on Eclectic Logical Analysis Processing System, but he put a bunch of the other E words on the announcement of little baby ELAPS's birth. (Including "egregious." Let it never be said that IBMers lack a sense of humor. One of them, at least, has a very good one.)

I did go through E again & wrote down a few strange & lovely words for your edification.
eutaxy: (rare) good & fitting order or arrangement
euplastic: healing readily
eudemonics: the art or theory of happiness

May you have eutaxy in all things & be well-versed in eudemonics &--should occasion rise that you are injured or unwell--may you be euplastic.

I just purchased a bunch of colored pencils & pastels & various papers & paint brushes & some strange antiquing paste from an art supply store that is going out of business. It was my second trip there, after hearing about it from a barista who is also an artist. I purchased a few strange things to try out at a deep discount. Who knows where it will lead? Stay tuned. No, don't stay tuned--tune into your own adventure.

I am experiencing an increasing state of eutaxy, &--to celebrate--I shall drink some Odwalla peach guava smoothie with coconut juice & take a nap.

Blog alternative:
192. Take someone's car for a spin. Or their motorcycle. Or their trike. Or their RV rollerblades figure skates wheel chair dune buggy etcetera. Hotwire your imagination, rather than the vehicle. You can even take off in a police car that way, & no one will be after you.

(I know, their does not grammatically work with someONE's & there is no punctuation in that list. I did it that way on purpose. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I just wanted my juice & the commas would have slowed me down...)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Perusing pixels & paper play

Shadow, Panel Lift, Shoes

As promised, (part of) the nifty keen panel lift. With bonus shadow. No additional calories. Easy to pack. Take one with you everywhere. Except midnight. Okay, midnight at Reykjavik you could probably get a shadow. Or anywhere there's a streetlight. Grin.

I lied to you last night. Instead of perusing the dictionary, I watched Mel Gibson in What Women Want. Amazing all the things I didn't know I wanted. Grin again.

So the dictionary is still enticing me. I used an E word since that's where I'm dipping my toe in. I could have said entering since that starts with E, but metaphor is more exciting. (There, I got them both.)

I also have to practice a monologue for my acting class. Send out some poetry. Pay the electric bill. Walk. There's a stack of papers with my name on it. But not a big one. I've been better & better at paper play.

Blog alternative:
191. Pick up a paper. Just one. Feel its crispness or crumpled-ness or limpness. Appreciate what it stands for, even if it's a bill. Think about what it means: heat? electricity for when it's dark & you'd rather read than sleep (or would like to see Mel Gibson's pixels dancing on flat glass)? a good meal? toilet paper? After you're done appreciating it, file it or recycle it or toss it in the fire. Repeat. A few times. (Remember the appreciate part.)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Brought to you by the letters Z through F

Self Portrait in Tea Pot

We have a ceiling! Yay! Soon you will see photos of the nifty keen panel lift, but I could not resist the tea pot.

I am going to close now & read the dictionary for a while. (my beautiful 1973 American Heritage Dictionary that I won for getting 3rd place in the Montana state spelling bee when I was in 8th grade) I have a picture book project & am going through the dictionary backwards. I'm about to start with the end of E. So many fine words. I think this will be the first time I've looked at every page...

Blog alternative:
190. Look into a dictionary, just for fun. Open it at random or pick a favorite word or a favorite letter. (Do I have a favorite letter? hmmm, will have to think about it.)