Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The adventure continues

Zach dressed up for his orientation for the new job
in the Mayo Clinic system. 
I know. It's been a while. I posted from San Francisco & since then I've been to Ashland & Rochester & Salem, South Dakota, & various points in Montana. I'm still at various points in Montana, with limited web access, although thanks to my new Verizon smart phone I can get & send email from my parents' home in Nye, Montana. Crazy. I can see the baby journal updates for Max!

I've not been much in the mood for blogging, having been spending lots of time packing & sorting & such. A lot of my possessions are in a U-box in Rochester, waiting for the word. A bunch are in my car. Some are still in Rochester in various homes. Another one of those "differently-addressed" phases.

But, I had a good trip to Montana, with a stop to visit the marvelous Susi Buck at the Home Motel in Salem. My mom's arthroscopic surgery to repair a meniscus tear went well & she's recovering. I've seen all my siblings, but not much in the way of extended family yet. Bunch of my parents' neighbors.

Where next? Just being home where I am for a while. Looking for the next bread crumb to show me the trail. (There was a clue that mentioned Ashland and Medford on Jeopardy the other day.) Anyway, I'm on the adventure.

Blog alternative:
302. Pick an adventure, even if it's a little one. Take a step.