Sunday, December 12, 2010

Angels' albino dust bunnies play pinochle

Nick doing dishes

We have four inches of--something.

Derrick says it's vanilla ice cream. I said, "no, it's, it's--" whereupon our young friend Marshawn said, "soap!"

I think it's likely that the angels have been sweeping out from under their beds & off the porch steps & we've been showered with four inches of the angels' albino dust bunnies. Whatever it is, it's beautiful. Perhaps I'll go out later & make an angels' albino dust bunnies angel.

I guess I didn't talk to you in November. What a good month. My son Nick & his girlfriend Chloe came for varying portions of the Thanksgiving week. (Chloe just for 3&1/2 days; Nick for twice that.)

We had the perfect turkey day dinner. Cooked a turkey. Cut one piece off to test it. Played pinochle. Decided to go for a walk at the Arboretum. Covered the turkey with foil & shoved it in the fridge. Walked while doing various sorts of work. (Derrick was steadily writing philosophix on a sticky note pad. Nick was lifting heavy objects to make it a real workout: large logs; rocks; at one point, on a steep uphill part of the trail, me. I was taking pictures of them, except during the part when I was being carried uphill.) Then we came home & ripped some turkey off the the carcass with our bare hands. Chloe arrived the next day & she & Nick finished divesting the carcass of its flesh--one container of dark meat & another of white--so I could boil it into soup stock later. I'm so sad I cut that one piece, otherwise it would have been all finger food. Mano a birdo. Next year!

Nick helped me teach people to play pinochle, which was so fun! Jonathan & I beat Nick & Derrick. Chloe & I beat Nick & Derrick. (A couple times.) Did Nick & Derrick care? Not a bit. Nick just loves to play & Derrick was happy to be picking up on the nuances. He has turned into quite the pinochle monster. Grrrrr.

Nick turned me on to this website called which is like morning pages (The Artist's Way) online, so I've been doing that. Lots of fun, except when it's not. Grin. I'm being honest. There was one day when I was writing that I didn't think this sort of journally writing was good for me & voila, in the midst of doing that very thing I got clearer on something. So I continue. The writing is never seen by anyone but the writer & you get points for making 750 words & for maintaining "streaks." I will blow my streak in Montana, because I won't have internet up at Nye, but I'll do the 750 words anyway, on my word processing program. & Nick will do it with me when he's there!

Zach & Tiffany won't be making it to Montana for Christmas but I will see them in Minnesota when I drive back. I'm looking forward to that. Tiff & Zach & Mac & Cheese. What fun!

Okay, I'm ready to be doing something other than blogging, so here it is, what you've been (hopefully not) waiting for, your:

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194. Figure out how to make a big bubble in your hands while doing dishes.