Saturday, August 17, 2013

Date with a basketball -- I had my hands all over it

Have you ever found that being behind leads to more behindness, until all you can see are behinds, because you're at the back of your own pack? Behinds, behinds everywhere &--

& the only cure is to take a step. One step ahead. That's all it takes. Now you have one ahead in the midst of the behinds & if you keep taking one step -- even if it's a baby step, even if it turns out to be a misstep -- pretty soon you'll be at the head of the pack. The leader of the pack. They'll write a song about you & your motorcycle. Or not.

So here I am, getting one step ahead. August has been deliciously & productively busy, but that's no excuse for ignoring you. I apologize. Hi. How's it going? Deliciously & productively busy, I hope. Much creating. Much relaxing into a puddle in the midst of it all in order to leap back up into world. It's okay to be a puddle. It can be very rejuvenating, as long as you don't make it your only form...

Here is the hungry farm equipment I was trying to feed you last time. Isn't it lovely?

I'm going to let this be a baby step, so I will not linger long, except to tell you that I bought a basketball. The prettiest basketball you've ever seen: royal blue & black with silver lettering. Today I took it out on its virgin debut, a little outdoor court right near my house. Shot a few. Made fewer. Grin. Hey, you start where you are. I own a basketball. I took some shots. I'll do it again.

Blog alternative:
266. Buy a basketball & take it on a date. Or go to a gym that has basketballs you can use. Shoot some hoops. Dribble a little. Feel the leather in your hands, all pebbly & nice.