Saturday, October 22, 2011

World Fantasy Convention Membershipment Pending

I've been collecting things I found on the ground. Some I pick up & put in my pocket or my canvas bag. (The other day I found half a pig! The back half, so I don't know who got the squeal. I think it was made of hematite, or something that looks like hematite, & the back half was about the size of my thumbnail.) Some I collect with my camera, like this little pretty.

I'm keeping this post short, because I'm "busy right now" (as Nick said to my mom when he was just a toddler being called in to eat. He didn't even look at her, just waved his hand dismissively & said those now immortal words) but I have a blogging purpose: Because I am "busy right now," I have decided to not attend the long-sold-out World Fantasy Convention in San Diego. Because I am not a social media girl, I don't access the Facebook & Twitter sites where the lists of those desperately wanting to attend are posted. Hence, this blog. If you want to go or you know someone who does or you are a Facebookie &/or a Twitterite who would like to let some "friend" know about this, I am bequeathing the knowledge to you. If you put a 1 in front of the $2 I found on the ground & a 5 after it, you have the membership price of $125.

Let me know, or let someone else know they can let me know (probably pretty quickly, because WFC is next weekend & I have to get a letter transferring membership--I can probably email a scanned, signed letter to the happy attendee) at

WFC 2011 membership for $125

Voila. Off to my other business.

Blog alternative:
215. Take a look at what you were going to do in the next week or so. Is it still what works best for you? Feel free to change your mind!

ooh, ooh, ooh! late-breaking news. just saw a video of "quantum levitation" which you can find on you-tube! you must see it! not nearly enough exclamation points!