Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Ecluse says goodbye to the old year

au revoir, dear year

I sit here in Montana, the 29th of December, which is my sister Tracey's birthday. I doubt I will blog again in 2011. So many lovely experiences for the year. I would be hard pressed to list them & I would rather be soft pressed this late in the year.

If you email me & don't hear back right away, it may be because I am not in any sort of wi-fi zone & it may be for the same reason that I don't get into the whole social networking thing. I've come up with a great term for the condition--which is a surprising one for someone who used to check her email every 30 seconds or so. I am an ecluse. Perhaps it would be better hyphenated. E-cluse?

To all of you, I bid adieu to the 2011 versions. May the 2012 version be even more peaceful, loving, imaginative, creative, productive, intentional. May your new year be a masterpiece of clarity & dreamfullfillminting.

Blog alternative:
221. Say goodbye to your old self. Give yourself a day or two to just become. Say hello to the new.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Heart solstice celebrated early

translucent shadows

Well, December is trending toward ending. I am wending (soon) toward Montana. Perhaps I shall blog again this year; perhaps not.

What has happened in the first 19 days of the last month of the year? I won my second spelling bee. Not as many contenders, but Heather, who is a singer, was fierce at the end when we were the last two left. We had so much fun. I'm looking forward to trying it again in January. (If you happen to be a word afficionado (which Blogger does not recognize--so funny!) & you happen to be in the vicinity of Olive or Twist in Asheville on the third Monday of the month, dust off your letters & join in the camaraderie.)

I've also been doing some lovely organizing & writing & arting & photographing & dreaming & walking & etcetera-ing. Plus Derrick & I have been on a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine marathon. Lots of fun to reconnect with my buddies on the space station.

May your trails wend through curiosities & joy. May the light within your heart increase by 3 minutes a day, starting now. (Why wait?)

Blog alternative:
220. Drape something pretty over a bedpost, if you have a bedpost. One of mine is decorated with with several necklaces made by the lovely & talented Elise Matthesen & a hat that says Semper Fi. (Hey, pretty is in the eye of the beholder.) (If you don't have a bedpost, how about a lamp or a newel post or a coat rack or...)