Thursday, April 30, 2015

Joy jumping

joy jumping

Lovely day here in Rochester.

What did I do? Got rid of some housewares I don't need. Did some organizing. Ate some pasta. Fulfilled my main job as a housesitter: transferred scents from the two long-haired female cats to my two male short-haired grand-dogs & vice versa. I'm sure there's some olfactory machinations going on. The cats are bigger than the dogs, I think.

Did some other stuff. Okay, so I am really not in the mood for blogging. This is a phone-it-in post, done strictly because it's April the last. I'll just say that my grandchild has not yet launched into the outer world & my cold is nearly gone & I've typed in a bunch of stuff from a notebook.

Perhaps May will be bloggier. I hear that's in the forecast.

Blog alternative:
297. Do something poorly, just to get it done. Grin.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Earthday Birthday

Russell Letson, playing the guitar at Minicon
Ah, April. Go she will.

But not without at least one post.

I've had a lovely birthday week, which continues with more celebration this weekend.


drumroll please

--I sold a story to Woman's World. It will appear in the edition that hits grocery checkout aisles everywhere on May 2nd. It is a weekly, though, so you don't have long to get your hot little hands on it.

I got the contract on a Friday, wrote a new (very cool) story on Saturday, edited it on Sunday & Monday & got it into the mail on Monday. Wish me luck!

I've been paring down possessions--going to get back to that right now.

Blog alternative:
296. Make birthday plans--for you or someone else.