Thursday, March 28, 2019

A castle in the sky--or at least a chair

A long time ago in a galaxy--oops, state--far away, I bought a Sky Chair. We hooked it to a ceiling joist in the Winter House & I was very happy. Until the drop ceiling...

Ever since then, I've carried the Sky Chair with me wherever I went, with never a good place to hang it. Minnesota to North Carolina & back to Minnesota & a stint in Montana & a couple different places in Oregon. No place for a Sky Chair. Sob. So, I bought a C-stand to hold it & I can happily sit in my living room & look out the sliding glass door at my nice view of bamboo & trees & mountains & sky. The above picture shows my feet on the ottoman as I relax & write or read.

It's a good productivity tool as well, since the computer lap desk fits very nicely. I've already written a cool little flash fiction piece. 750 words that just jumped out of my fingers. Whee!

So now I've got the hammock stand outside & the Sky Chair inside. I am well suspended.

Blog alternative:
326. Are you carrying something around with you that can't use right now? Figure out if there's a way. & if there isn't, consider releasing it to someone who can use it.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

In the way, just like I don't like it, which is a good thing...

So I had this paper project going, after I'd ripped dozens of old notebooks (some from high school) to recycle the angsty bits & the to-do lists & save stories & poems & ideas. I was putting them in sheet protectors & binders. But then I was going to have the poetry group at my house & things needed to be made more presentable. I did it. I made it way too presentable. The paper project stalled. Big time.

I decided I needed to get down & dirty. I moved the detritus to a way less convenient location, so I would have incentive to get it cleaned up. So far, so good. I've recycled a whole bunch of paper & put some few pieces in sheet protectors. I even found an unsent letter to a friend from the spring of 1977. It's in an envelope & ready to hit the post office tomorrow. Yay me. The theory of having the task to be easy to get at & annoying if I didn't get at it has been working well.

Blog alternative:
325. Pick a stalled project. Move it so it's enough in the way that you are almost certain to act on it.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Pocket handkerchief not required

A pewter goblet, spilling adventure
out into the universe.
In case you're feeling the urge to run off with a bunch of dwarves & no pocket handkerchief--I might have a partial explanation. Yes, spring could be involved, or the hope that the idea of spring is not mythical, that it will in fact occur this year, preferably before the fourth of July...

I had a little empty alcove on top of my cabinet & had the hankering to put a new container up there. What better than a pewter goblet filled with adventure!

So, if you've got a little extra adventure spilling into your soul, or into your life, here's a possible explanation. I toast to the adventurer in all of us.

Blog alternative:
324. Come up with a good adventure. It needn't be something you'll actually do today, or in the near future, or, even, ever, but something that gets your soul stirring. Look at books that inspired you when you were younger, current movies, an old daydream. Who knows, you might even want to take a little action step...or leap off a cliff into--what?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Or, you can have what's behind the curtain...

Here are a couple other little productivity tricks I use. I couldn't take a true picture of the first one, since the little sticky note heart with NOT YET on it goes on the face of the very thing that takes the pictures. (A phone has a hard time taking its own selfie...) So I stuck the note on my charger stand as a stand in. When your phone is telling you not to mess with it, you don't check your email, your texts, your facebook. Works like a charm, if your charm is made out of a pink heart-shaped sticky note. Just started, but it is already a winner.

The other technique is one I've used for a long time: the TV cozy! This one is a cool wrap-around skirt. If you see me at a con sometime, you might be taken aback & ask why I'm wearing my TV cozy. I have found that if you have to unwrap something to use it, you think about it before you act. Do I really want to watch TV right now? Might I do something else? The answers are frequently NO & YES, in that order.

Blog alternative:
323. Put a cozy on something that gets a little more of your attention than you really want to give it.