Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Chaos, I'll never forget that weekend in Paris...

March is marching steadily toward completion. It came in like a lion (or perhaps more like a lamb if you consider that the white fluffy stuff that blanketed Asheville looked like lamb's wool), triskadekaphiled a second Friday the thirteenth for the year, skipped a merry Irish jig over St. Patrick's day & is now mere days from becoming an April Fool.

I bought a new salt crystal lamp (seen above, through 2 glass blocks) (have I mentioned how much I love glass blocks!) & took a class in dry stack stone. It's been a while since I've been so delightfully dusty. As "civilized" humans (these would be intentional airquotes if I were speaking this blog to you) we don't spend enough time messing around with the bones of our grandmother earth. I recommend it!

Chaos is my new love. As in fractals. Chaos theory. The butterfly effect. Not so much a new love as a deepening of an old crush. It's as if I had Miss/ter Chaos as a pin-up on my bulletin board & spent time fantasizing about it & then we had a chance to meet & talk. I have gazed into the eyes of Chaos & I didn't think, hmmm, you're curvier & more self-similar in your pictures... The Teaching Company course on Chaos is really fantastic. I recommend it highly. (Just finished lecture 17 of 24.)

I'm heading back to my apartment now. The property manager just finished installing a new washer on my bathroom sink--I had a serious drip of the faucet.

Blog alternative:
167. Get dirty. Play with mud. Stack some stones. Chop some wood. Help out at a branding. (When I was a kid, we got to wrestle the calves. Now that's some satisfying dirt &, well, um, shit.) Get down on your knees & pull some weeds.