Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back Again

I know what you're thinking: She was trapped in her car for all of July & August. The bear's not that big. Surely she could have driven to a location with wi-fi & bought it an apple pie or something...

I am in -- as you may have guessed from the photo -- Montana. Actually I'm in Montana for the second time since last I blogged. My dad had a minor heart attack in June & I basically spent 3 weeks in July with my folks, for moral support & foot rubs & card playing. That time I flew.

This time was a big surprise, because his 80th birthday was September 7th & my niece is getting married later in September so Mom & Dad figured I'd just make it out for the wedding. But heck, an 80th birthday is not one to miss! I spent the morning of September 2nd (no way was I getting on the highways over Labor Day weekend) cuddling with Derrick & talking & then drove (with a stop or three along the way) to Big Sky & spent a couple days in a (super cool) log cabin with Minnesota friends (hi Debbie & Jim) & went to Yellowstone Park for the first time in 40-some years (which makes it my second time there ever) & drove to Nye to surprise the heck out of my folks & provide a little brown bear with a photo opportunity.

July & August happened in a lovely fashion, as far as I remember. Grin. Guess I'll leave them at that. September. I just love fall, when it gets brisk -- & it got down to real brisk already up at Nye. 22 degrees. Except today it's going to be 85 there. Montana weather. Gotta love it.

In Montana I have sporadic cell phone service & sporadic wi-fi capabilities, depending where I am, so I'm taking advantage of some coffee shopping. I've provided some foot rubs & been involved in a bunch of card games (right now I'm behind, so I better get cracking) & done a bit of visiting & worked on a novel & soaked up the beauty of those brash teenage mountains, the Rockies. Beautiful in a different way than the rounded greener grandmamma mountains of North Carolina.

Anyway, I'm back. Hope your summer went well & your fall is going weller. (I know it's not quite the first day of fall yet, but I do it strictly calendrically. (Weird. There seems to be doubt in the program's mind about both weller & calendrically, not to mention grandmamma...)

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