Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Techno Damn-the-torpedoes Sell Sell Sell

Not an orchid.
Cactus blossom.


I've been doing some non-techno-damsel stuff, which then required either digging in getting techno-dirt under my nails or throwing up my neatly-manicured (not!) hands in dismay & calling in one of the techno-sheriffs I happen to know.

I opted for the former. Yay me.

An upcoming project was crying out for a new email address & website. After one techno-assist (thanks Bruce) I created the new account. Then I did a little research into domain name registration & website hosting & (all by myself!) picked a provider from the multitudes & registered. I have not yet created said site, but the real estate is mine.

Then I was going to blog (not on this topic; see below) & blogger was signed into my new email account so my attempt to pen a new post just took me to the set-up-your-profile page. I tore my hair for a while until I just tried signing out & then in again, with the correct account. Whew.

So, here I am, feeling ridiculously proud of myself, ready to blog.

As I may have mentioned, I am housesitting for some friends who have gone to Bhutan. A lovely house, with lovely cats, one of which likes me. (She likes me, she really likes me.) The other--not so much.

For quite some time I had to go upstairs with a bowl of wet food, wave it within 10 feet or so of Zoe, who was hissing & growling under her (so far as she knows, dearly-departed) folks' bed. Repeat a couple times. Wait an hour or two. Then, driven by hunger and cat food scent particles, she would come down & eat, growling all the while. I couldn't just leave the food, because Phoebe, who has been lap happy since day one, would eat it.

We have had small progress. She has since come to hiss & growl in the kitchen at the first clatter of food bowls. I'm down with that.

Then, last night, I had gone to bed with a certain nagging feeling that something was undone. It hit me: it was an even numbered day & I had forgotten to ice the orchids. I went down to do so immediately, with Phoebe as my elegant entourage. (She follows me because she thinks it will bring her treats or a trip outside to her little cage where she can eat grass & watch birds & catch some rays. In this case, it merely gave her the opportunity watch me fumble for orchid ice cubes.)

Zoe stayed put, but I can imagine the workings of her kitty mind: What is she doing? What's that sound? The ice cube machine? Oh, she forgot to ice the orchids. She's getting up in the middle of the night (It was only midnight) to ice the orchids. Wow. Okay, so even though our folks were last seen getting into her car--weeks ago--I guess she's okay.

How do I know she was thinking that? Because after I got back into bed & Phoebe jumped up & curled into a warm purrball near my stomach, Zoe came into the room & jumped up too. She settled down right near my shoulder & the three of us fell fast asleep.

Well, the two of them. I just lay there in wonder for quite some time, waiting for another cat to drop. Yikes. Zoe the growler, curled up next to my face. Whew.

Blog alternative:
299. Think hopefully of something you've been uncertain of. If Zoe can leap up to sleep with me, all things are possible.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bonjour, Max--au revoir, jeune fille

Behold, the ides of May...

No, doesn't have a ring to it.

March has the ides, April has tax day, but the 15th of May somehow is left out in the warm. Or at least warmish. Tomorrow the 16th will be chillier---

Oh, dang. It's tomorrow already. Now the 15th of May doesn't even have its own blog post, as I was waiting to get permission to post this picture of my freshly newborn grandson, Max, & his extra super proud daddy, Nick.

Yay Max! (Especially yay Chloe, who spent 33&1/2 hours in labor, including 5 hours of pushing. Max weighed--as Nick put it--9 ton, 1 ounce.)

Welcome to the planet, Max! Are you getting used to it yet? (I just haven't blogged since he was born, lo these 10 days or so ago.) Grammy is looking forward to meeting you in June.

I lied about the temperature, too. It's not until tomorrow, Sunday, that it will get cool.

I've been wrangling stuff. Lots of books packed up in 32 quart plastic tubs I bought at Target. (Hey, book boxes I can lift, & check contents without even opening. Gotta love it.) I've also released a lot of books, including some old French language instruction books I've had since high school & college. I think I was afraid I was abandoning that girl who wanted to learn French. Perhaps I am. My French skills are not good, but those old books are not the way to improve them. If I decide to plunge in again (biblioteque, parapluie, il faut que jai chercher un livre) spaced repetition & online flashcards will be far more helpful. & if I don't--well, I think I will. But not today. (Although I did just look up some French language websites & repeat a few phrases...)

So, jeune fille, wander around in the world a bit. Get your mer legs. But don't go too far...

Blog alternative:
298. Release one of your past selves gently into the world, whether it's for a walkabout or a burial.