Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th Feng Shui

One of the other aliens who
lives in this house.
Happy Friday the 13th!

I took a couple workshops (one's not quite over yet) at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute here.

One is about planning wills & health care directives & such & is informative & humorous & tremendously worthwhile. (If anyone wants to know cool stuff about signature cards for Pay on Death dispersal of bank accounts or the importance of putting JWROS on your car title (joint with right of survivorship) so the other guy or gal can just drive away after your next vehicle turns out to be a hearse, just let me know. Grin.)

The other was a really cool class on Feng Shui (fung shway, in case anyone else out there besides me has the unfortunate habit of not being able to pronounce things they've only read...) which inspired another room re-org. This one is my best ever! For a while, of course, the room was both shaken & stirred, but it's coming along very nicely & I've released a bunch of stuff into the wild of recycling & giveaway & turned some art supplies into reality, rather than possibility. So much fun, too. Su-shen, who taught the class, is very much in favor of common sense & personal preference & intuition, as well as the ancient Chinese wisdom.

I turned several key horizontal surfaces into "this is where pretty stuff lives" spaces rather than "this is where I can chuck stuff rather than dealing with it" zones. I also strung a belt composed of metal circles from one corner of the closet molding to a shelf around the corner & hung necklaces on it. Guess what? I've worn several pretty necklaces that had been huddled in bags & boxes & beltbags, waiting to be appreciated. Now, they're appreciated, by me anyway, whether I'm wearing them or not, since they make up part of the room decor.

Blog alternative:
286. Figure out a way to display some item that's squirreled away, forgotten like a nut that will never turn into a tree. Jewelry. Jewelry-making-tools. A favorite frisbee. See if visibility increases utility.