Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vision question market place material girl

Greetings from a forest friend

Yes, I have been successfully Octobering. The above portrait is one of the many denizens of the arboretum. Most visitors to the domain of the tree folk do not see all there is to be seen. Of course, I am sure that I did not see all, but I did see this fine being.

I've been madly prototyping & designing & dreaming up & up & uppity. So much fun. So useful. What a great combination.

One of the more interesting pieces of October occurred on the 10th. I woke in the wee hours to pee & instead of leaping right up (it wasn't urgent) I lay for a moment, hypnogogically basking. An image formed in my wide awake field of vision, something that looked like the bottom of a spinner, with numbers around the edges. Two of the numbers were highlighted, with the pointer pointing straight down at the number 10. Makes sense, I thought, since today is the 10th. The next number, the only other one that stood out visibly, was 22. Also made a certain amount of sense to me, since my birthday is April 22nd.

So, I go through the day, many fabulous things happening, of which I shall speak more later, & then I went to the f/32 photo group meeting. They have this raffle they call 50/50: buy 1 ticket for a buck or 5 for $3. I've bought 1 ticket before, but today I said I was feeling lucky & was going to buy 5. My 2nd ticket was called, so if I'd just bought a single I'd have been out of luck. They counted up the dollars & I got half the pot, which totaled--insert eerie twilight zone music here--$22. Cool, huh.

Another superb portion of the day was closing on the vacant lot next to the house. So much relaxation flooded in. So much potential is activated.

Lots to do, so I shall leave you to your own Octobering.

Blog alternative:
240. Look up into the trees. Find a face somewhere & say hello.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Conservation of Ampersands--Keptin, she's gonna blow!

Okay, so I don't know how to rotate yet...

but I have a camera! 

I've imported the pictures that were stuck on the old camera, & the new ones, like this little guy, who will soon be a wire thing that will then have cool things like fruit hammocks attached.

& my friend Ellen Klages is coming tomorrow!

& a bunch of us are going to play poker!

& it's October the 5th, which means my boys have twenty-seventhed as of yesterday!

& I'm wayyyy over-quota on ampersands & (oops) exclamation points. (see my reserve! oops.)

Anyway, just want to Octoberate

& celebrate.

Blog alternative:
239. Do a little itty bit of one of your goals. (I took a walk around Circle Street to check "walk" off my list. Hey, it was better than no walk at all, & I've been very busy doing all sorts of cool & important stuff today. Do you have any idea how much energy it takes to generate so many ampersands? I didn't think so.)