Thursday, December 13, 2007

A little bird told me--no, really!

We shall begin with the belated photo. (See previous post for details.)

We shall continue beginning with a weather report: Asheville, which has been droughting, had misty fog last night. Today, there was freak--& highly localized--rain of capers. It appeared to be centered around my table at the coffee shop & may have had something to do with the lox & cream cheese bagel, which comes with lettuce & tomato & (hold the) onions & (?) capers. The National Weather Service & my barista are arguing about the cause. In the meantime, I have humbly picked up all straying capers & deposited them in the trash.

I would have written before--through mist & drizzle & shower of capers--but the skittish herd of organic free-range wi-fi which has been scampering sporadically through my apartment appears to have been corralled & fitted with those bright orange radio tracking collars that the forest service puts on elk & bighorn sheep. Either that or someone has put invisible fence or an oil pipeline between me the wi-fis, disrupting their normal migration pattern. So, unless I traipse on out to a coffee shop, no wi-fi for me.

Therefore & thus, my numbers for December are not looking good. T'is the thirteenth & I've posted but thrice before this. (A surfeit of "th"s you think? I thought that's what you thought.) Anyway, this is your warning. If I get close enough to twelve to poke it with a long stick, I'll count myself lucky.

I'm still thinking about real estating. I considered making a re-offer on the place I already offered on, as it's still on the market. When I made my offer before, Labor Day weekend, it had been listed for a mere 3 weeks & the owners weren't nearly hungry enough. Now--perhaps. So I thought about it, but then I saw another house that was a possibility & thought about that &--well, I guess it's not a "Hell, yes," if you have to talk yourself into it or you can talk yourself out of it. Plus, taking off for the holidays is not conducive to real estating.

Besides, a little bird told me to wait. Actually, a little bird told me to go for a walk, which then led me to a gallery, where I looked at cool paintings & talked to the gallery owner a bit. Then I left & thought, well, maybe the little bird (An actual little bird, btw, which hopped near me when I was going to get in my car & seemed to convey--silently, with its little bird eyes--that I should walk NOW. So walk I did, to the post office & there it was again, or perhaps its cousin.) wanted me to do more than look at art there, so I went back in & said to the owner, "This might sound a little strange, but I'm thinking about acquiring a house & I wondered if you knew of any." She gave me the funniest look & said, "How did you know I'm a house guru? If I wasn't an art dealer, I'd be a real estate agent." So she gave me some advice about the market getting even better for buyers next year & said she'd keep her eyes open for me. I even told her about the little bird, which really made her laugh.

Blog alternative:
108. Pay extra close attention to your hunches today. Actively seek out a hunch on a subject. ("Where should I go for lunch?" perhaps.) Look for & listen to the little birds.