Monday, February 25, 2008

Self Portrait as Snow Angel

Let's mix things up a little.

I'm going to START with the blog alternative. (Save you some scrolling down, since this is the most important part.)

Blog alternative:

115. Stare out a window--this is activity is much enhanced with a cuppa something. I see a cat, which is staring out its own window, & snow--I mean sun, I mean clouds, I mean sun...

I bought a new computer! Decided, after much thinking & feeling, on an Thinkpad X61 Convertible Tablet. I had a tablet computer once, an Acer, which I did not fully utilize, but the sorts of things I'm doing now (furniture design, little drawings which may turn themselves into t-shirts & cards & such) would lend themselves to a computer one can draw on.

The computer on which I compose this is an aging Thinkpad X40. I acquired it in 2005, so it's practically geriatric, as computers go. It's been to Ireland & France & all over the U.S. It's been dropped a few times & caught a bad virus when I first moved to Asheville. I appreciate it greatly & at the same time am excitedly looking forward to the arrival of the new one.

Oh, it's snowing again. This is about the 3rd or 4th time it has flurried today, interspersed with utter sunshine & partly cloudy. Very cool. Yesterday we had the same type of pattern, but with rain. I awoke to a tremendous thunderstorm & then it sunned up & there were a spates of rain, from drizzle to downpour. Shoot, before I could even finish this paragraph we're back to sunny. That's the mountains for you.

I'm waiting to hear from my son at Oberlin, who is in line for an entrepreneurial grant. He should hear today. Plus I just talked to an agent, who is taking a look at some novels. Lots of fun things to anticipate. Including sun. Including snow. Including Very Favorite Beans. (I have a big pot in the fridge.)

My executive assistant came over Sunday & worked with me for a few hours, preceded & followed by just having fun together time. I was terribly proactive & actually got the apartment in pretty good shape before she came over. (That's a new trick for me, & one which I hope to repeat.)

Okay, so I'll pick a picture for you-- "Self Portrait as Snow Angel" --& get back to getting things done.