Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ocean umbrella chick turns pink anyway

I know--
it's July.
Happy July, everyone.

Um, yeah, June wasn't a real good blogging month, was it? It was a good living month for me, & I hope it was for you as well. (If you died in June, write & tell me right away & I will hope it was a good dying month for you.)

Anyway, back to July.

I got a bit of pink on me from a (tax-deductible!) trip to the beach. No, the government hasn't assigned me a job of Nag's Head beachcomber, but I did travel to Elizabeth City for a literary festival at the Page After Page bookstore & Nag's Head was but a skippety-hop away. If you were at the beach on Sunday the 29th of (nearly) blogless June, I was the one walking in the ocean holding an umbrella between the sun & my 5/8s Norwegian body. (The other 3/8s is German & Scottish, almost as well-known for lack-of-tanning abilities as the Norwegians.) I wasn't as persistent with the umbrella as I should have been, but I didn't burn badly. It was HOT, though. I enjoyed dipping into mama ocean, but it was real good to get back to the mountains.

Met some lovely writers at the literary festival. Signed a few books. Had a great deal of fun. Got that beach fix. Appreciate the cool mountains even more. The real estate prices in Greenville, South Carolina, are a lot better than they are here in Asheville, but it would have to be one heckuva house to persuade me the 10-degree increase in temperature was worth it.

Cool number report coming up, so if you don't get all excited over the universe bestowing lovely coinkydental numbers, go ahead & skip to the blog alternative.

The number of my hotel room the first night was 429. (I know, wussy girl--Montana would be ashamed of me--but I didn't leave until after 5 p.m.)
I pumped $22.27 worth of gas the next morning.
My hotel room in Elizabeth City was 227--& the internet access code was 0429.
Fun, huh!

Okay, so I'm rambling. Someday I'll learn to blog again. Then you'll be sorry. (Unless, as I fervently suggest, you spend your time off fishing or writing poetry or racing cars or some other worthy pursuit rather than reading blabbering blogs.)

& to practice,
my suggestion, the
Blog alternative:

132. Make someone a birthday card--especially if it's nowhere near their birthday--& send it, proudly proclaiming you're several months early.