Tuesday, April 26, 2011

moments, like fish

what swims like fish beneath the sea of each moment?

So there I was, ready to get ready to leave & it occurred to me:
easter weekend
that could only mean one thing:
so I went up to the sheraton bloomington & saw my peeps (& some actual peeps) & it was good.
also got to participate in the lady poetesses from hell reading, which went very well, from all accounts. so lovely to read my own poems & hear the poems of the other poetesses. (not all of whom are gendered feminine.)
so now what?
I was thinking about leaving tomorrow, but there are tornadoes in the way, so perhaps friday & saturday are good travel days. we shall see. in the mean time (or should I say "in the nice time") I will be here now, wherever here is.
& so
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202. change a plan. plan a change.