Friday, May 13, 2011

Triskadekafilly: the triple crown winner

Friday the thirteenth!
It's my lucky day.
Well, one of my lucky days.
(The others are yesterday, today & tomorrow...)
I don't always recognize the luck when it is happening,
but later -- usually on the soonerish side of later --
I can see it.
It has been my experience that any luck I've ever had
-- even if it seemed bad --
had a silver-lined cloak.
Someone I couldn't get ahold of?
Opportunity to make a decision on my own.
Something that wasn't available?
Opportunity to come up with another
-- sometimes better -- alternative.
Whoa -- I can feel a little better than that.
(Eventually. Grin. You don't have to
-- & sometimes cannot --
rush out of the state of woe,
but you don't have to live there forever.)
Someone you can't count on for (fill-in-the-blank)?
Great time to learn that you can count on yourself
& the energy that creates worlds
& the fabulous universe.
Let everyone else off the hook.
Bad luck is just a myth in an old Hee Haw skit.
You can claim it if you want,
but I don't recommend it.

Blog alternative:
204. Relabel some luck, whether recent or ancient. What did it get you? (You might have to get creative, but I guarantee there's something silver there.)