Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Ecluse says goodbye to the old year

au revoir, dear year

I sit here in Montana, the 29th of December, which is my sister Tracey's birthday. I doubt I will blog again in 2011. So many lovely experiences for the year. I would be hard pressed to list them & I would rather be soft pressed this late in the year.

If you email me & don't hear back right away, it may be because I am not in any sort of wi-fi zone & it may be for the same reason that I don't get into the whole social networking thing. I've come up with a great term for the condition--which is a surprising one for someone who used to check her email every 30 seconds or so. I am an ecluse. Perhaps it would be better hyphenated. E-cluse?

To all of you, I bid adieu to the 2011 versions. May the 2012 version be even more peaceful, loving, imaginative, creative, productive, intentional. May your new year be a masterpiece of clarity & dreamfullfillminting.

Blog alternative:
221. Say goodbye to your old self. Give yourself a day or two to just become. Say hello to the new.