Sunday, September 30, 2012

Buckminster Fuller vs. the Dragonfly

After the Buckminster Fuller conference (actual title: ReViewing 4:Looking Forward at Buckminster Fuller's Legacy) at UNCA, I arranged a rendezvous, walked the maze, drove home, made Hamburger Helper, watched some Texas Hold'em (Poker Superstars Invitational, disc 1) & now am writing this to you.

I am willing to bet I am the only one from Buckyville who consumed Ultimate Cheeseburger Macaroni following the seminars on tensegrity & synergy & such. But it worked for me...

I have my eye on a camera, a Lumix. I'm going to decide by the end of next week or so, because I have an extra $5 (yay!) coupon from Best Buy. (Wow, does this post feel like product placement central. Don't you wonder who is paying me? Could it be Best Buy? Hamburger Helper? But no, it is the ghost of Buckminster Fuller. He is paying me in jitterbug polyhedrons, in translational rotational transformation.)

Or perhaps I am sponsored by this dragonfly...

September has been an amazing month. Organization. Creation. Great weather. Investment success. Cosmic visions. Sweet walks. & now, Bucky's buddies. What will October hold? Enough & a feast.

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