Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Chief Executive Elephant reminisces

A mother/daughter bookclub in Massachusetts chose Growing Wings for their January selection. Here are the girls, who not only read & discussed the book, but made mobiles for a craft. Sounds like a great group! Thank you, girls & moms.

My car is reset from traveling mode. My laundry is done & put away & I'm wearing clothes that I haven't seen for a month. It's good to be getting things put away. I've even written the first draft of a cool picture book. Just typed it onto the laptop, so revision will ensue.

While the traveling clothes were tumbling in the dryer, I actually took all the clothes (except the fancy dresses--I have more prom dresses than many women) out of my closet & didn't put them back in unless I really liked them. I guess I've already weeded through the garment population, because I only got rid of a couple shirts & one pair of pants. So why don't I wear more of the clothes? It seems I have tried & true favorites that I come back to again & again. Perhaps the other clothes are the understudies, waiting in the wings for the stars to break a seam or spring a zipper. Buttons I can deal with, but otherwise I'm not much for sewing, or at least haven't been. I am eyeing one shirt, a hand-me-down from my dad, that I would like better if it was more tailored to my form. Perhaps I shall get brave & put darts in the back. If I do, I shall report here.

Now, the moment you have been waiting for: a shadowy picture of the chief executive elephant. What is duty of the CEE? Institutional memory, of course.

Blog alternative:
249. Do an arts & craft project inspired by a favorite book. (Thanks for the idea, book club girls.)