Sunday, February 24, 2013

Supreme court orders light to slow down to the speed of sound

Satori dropped her spaghetti
Old milk truck, aluminum boat, motorcycle in a tree, bees rolling in crocus pollen, Ruth at the post office with 7 birthday cards to help celebrate 89 years young (doesn't look a day over 70), Ruth's purple scarf which used to belong to her mother & is only 14 years younger than she is, broken crockery, my hand's shadow petting the tree bark. So many photo opportunities. So many things flashing me that smile & saying, "I'm ready for my close-up!" So much beauty. Hurray for the Earth & all her denizens.

I read some more great books, one a novel by Laurie Frankel titled Goodbye for Now. It's set in Seattle (pay attention, Cathy) & made me laugh & cry & savor sentences & wish it wouldn't end. Yet, it was one of those books that satisfied when it ended. I've already returned it to the library, so I can't give you a pithy quote.

Also (just finished it last night) Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature by Janine M. Benyus, a Montanan. I found this book after picking up the "What would nature do?" winter 2013 copy of Yes! Magazine. Now I need a copy of the magazine to devour, chop up, collage. I might even sleep with it under my pillow, to see what hatches into my dreams.

Now to up the hysterical quotient. I attended a science lecture at UNCA a month or 2 ago & was treated to this quote by French feminist Luce Irigay.

“Is e=mc2 a sexed equation? Perhaps it is. Let us make the hypothesis that it is insofar as it privileges the speed of light over other speeds that are vitally necessary to us. What seems to me to indicate the possible sexed nature of the equation is not directly its uses by nuclear weapons, rather it is having privileged what goes the fastest."

I collapsed, laughing, onto the table. Good thing there was a table. Light oughta slow down a little, or maybe sound will feel bad.
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