Thursday, April 30, 2015

Joy jumping

joy jumping

Lovely day here in Rochester.

What did I do? Got rid of some housewares I don't need. Did some organizing. Ate some pasta. Fulfilled my main job as a housesitter: transferred scents from the two long-haired female cats to my two male short-haired grand-dogs & vice versa. I'm sure there's some olfactory machinations going on. The cats are bigger than the dogs, I think.

Did some other stuff. Okay, so I am really not in the mood for blogging. This is a phone-it-in post, done strictly because it's April the last. I'll just say that my grandchild has not yet launched into the outer world & my cold is nearly gone & I've typed in a bunch of stuff from a notebook.

Perhaps May will be bloggier. I hear that's in the forecast.

Blog alternative:
297. Do something poorly, just to get it done. Grin.