Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bonjour, Max--au revoir, jeune fille

Behold, the ides of May...

No, doesn't have a ring to it.

March has the ides, April has tax day, but the 15th of May somehow is left out in the warm. Or at least warmish. Tomorrow the 16th will be chillier---

Oh, dang. It's tomorrow already. Now the 15th of May doesn't even have its own blog post, as I was waiting to get permission to post this picture of my freshly newborn grandson, Max, & his extra super proud daddy, Nick.

Yay Max! (Especially yay Chloe, who spent 33&1/2 hours in labor, including 5 hours of pushing. Max weighed--as Nick put it--9 ton, 1 ounce.)

Welcome to the planet, Max! Are you getting used to it yet? (I just haven't blogged since he was born, lo these 10 days or so ago.) Grammy is looking forward to meeting you in June.

I lied about the temperature, too. It's not until tomorrow, Sunday, that it will get cool.

I've been wrangling stuff. Lots of books packed up in 32 quart plastic tubs I bought at Target. (Hey, book boxes I can lift, & check contents without even opening. Gotta love it.) I've also released a lot of books, including some old French language instruction books I've had since high school & college. I think I was afraid I was abandoning that girl who wanted to learn French. Perhaps I am. My French skills are not good, but those old books are not the way to improve them. If I decide to plunge in again (biblioteque, parapluie, il faut que jai chercher un livre) spaced repetition & online flashcards will be far more helpful. & if I don't--well, I think I will. But not today. (Although I did just look up some French language websites & repeat a few phrases...)

So, jeune fille, wander around in the world a bit. Get your mer legs. But don't go too far...

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298. Release one of your past selves gently into the world, whether it's for a walkabout or a burial.