Thursday, December 27, 2018

Here there be dragon...

My furniture is a little odd & eclectic. Instead of a regular couch, I have a green damask (with roses) chaise lounge from Home Decorator's Collection that I assembled myself. My dining room table is a turquoise bistro table from Target, which isn't big enough (not to mention that if you spill something it drips right down onto your cool octagon rug) so I got a big circle of tempered glass to put on top. The bad thing about that is that one tends to run into the edge that doesn't have a chair parked by it.


A dragon, of course. It actually belongs to my son Nick, but he only has 99 (max) things not to mention my grandchildren Max & Clark, who could potentially be hard on a ceramic dragon that graced Nick's room in middle school & high school. So, I am guarding the dragon that is guarding the edge of the table.

Win, win.

Blog alternative:
314. Adopt a dragon. Or bring some keepsake that used to belong to a child out into the light of day.