Friday, August 2, 2019

Lemonade Girl, the new superhero

So, the top photo shows my wedge pillow with a couple nice pillows on top of it & a towel-wrapped bag of frozen peas (large) on top of that & my big booted foot on top of that. The foot to the right looks so tiny! Just to the right of the pillows is this great insulated zippered lunch bag, which holds the frozen peas & a freezer pack in between icings. A very brilliant idea, if I do say so myself. I've got another bag of frozen peas & another ice
 pack in the freezer, so I can swap between them.

The bottom photo shows a couple of organize-y boxes on the right side of the bed, as well as the grabber thing Ellen Klages sent me. I've used it several times. Thanks, E. Right now I have my computer lap desk (squishy base) set up & my computer tethered to my phone so I can actually write & post this blog.

My friend Debbie, when I was talking about using this as an opportunity, called me The Lemonade Girl. I think that would be a good title, for something more than just this blog...

I've written & revised a little 800-word romance story to send to Woman's World. One more set of revisions to go before I send that out. Also started another story. Lying flat on my back is not IDEAL keyboard position, but it's doable.

It's one week post surgery & I basically have no pain. I took the major pain pills until Sunday night & decided to try switching to just Tylenol. That's been working great. I'm now down to Tylenol twice a day. I thought about stopping it, but got a tiny bit more uncomfortable, so decided to keep on for at least a little while longer.

I've also started using resistance bands to exercise the right leg & am going to get some arm weights going again, too. My orthopedic CNA suggested I not do anything with the booted leg until after the 2 week checkup, but when I'm cleared for it, I'll do some leg lifts & such with that one as well.

I'm a few minutes past the timer that says it's time for icing again, so I'll close here.

Blog alternative:
330. Make some lemonade. (Hey, I get to lie in bed & watch movies & play online poker & read & write stories & have people wait on me...)