Monday, March 31, 2008

Conspiracy theories & orchid sex

Here is a stone wall seen through an arched window in another stone wall at a ruin in Ireland, September 2005. Rocks rock.

I had my first cello lesson, as reported in my last post. Don't ask me how the practicing has gone. Grin. Okay, I'll tell you anyway. I did practice this morning, for the first time. I won't be playing with a symphony--or even on a street corner--any time soon at this rate.

The high today in Asheville is supposed to be 50 degrees. It still seems like spring now, with all the flowers. Nothing like the scene inside at the Arboretum this weekend though--Orchids, orchids everywhere. Exotic & fragrant & lovely. They were--well, I'm just going to spit it out--they were like sex personified. Life lusting after itself. The universe making love to itself. My eyes & nose thought so, & if I'd dared touch any of the delicate beauties I bet my fingers would have agreed. Holy flower show, Batman.

I'm at a coffee shop now, about to start playing with receipts & Quicken. Amazing how a little task like that can make blogging so attractive. (Behold the positive aspects of procrastination...)

Ooh, almost forgot. I looked at a couple houses on Friday, a for-sale-by-owner which was bigger than I need & a cute little (overpriced) house that the first guy (the owner/builder of the bigger house) told me about. I called the realty company on the sign & the (I just love the universe!) realtor who came out to meet me was someone I knew from this one time when I went to get goat milk & yogurt & eggs from my computer guy & he & this friend of his were working on a fence. At the time, I was signed up for a condo downtown, so I didn't pay that much attention when my computer guy's friend gave me his realty card. But, the condo prices changed (by about $60K) from when I signed up, so I got back my deposit & started looking around & now, here's a great realtor I get a good vibe from just handed to me. (I'd just looked at this to-do list that included "Realtor" & later that afternoon, voila!)

It's funny, once again, how the universe works. The woman at the table behind me at the coffee shop is trying to tell someone about being proactive--saying the person has responsibilities, whether the person is acknowledging them or not. She's had several loud phone conversations in here already, & I've been a little bit judgmental about that, but now I'm choosing to take advantage of the lesson she's giving her phone client.

Ahem! I am acknowledging my need/desire to get these receipts corralled & branded (us Montana girls can only masquerade as Southern belles for so long) in a timely fashion.

Now she's talking about transitions & paranoia. I don't have to listen to the paranoia part. I actually do have a conspiracy theory--I believe the universe is conspiring for me.

Are you still here? Don't you have anything better to do than read about me overhearing some woman in a coffee shop? I bet you do...

Blog alternative:
119. Come up with a conspiracy theory--how someone is out to gift you.