Thursday, March 20, 2008

Polka dot high heels, cello lessons & 4 glass blocks

A few random sentences:

I just found someone to give me cello lessons.

My son got his entrepreneurial grant.

Mary Oliver has a new poetry book out. Red Bird. I didn't even open it yet--just bought it!

I love my life.

I wandered through Lowes--every aisle, inside & out--when I decided to actually build one of my furniture designs. Decided I was still refining the design, so I haven't actually purchased the materials yet. I did buy 4 glass blocks (nothing to do with the project) just cuz I love glass block & surely I can figure out something to do with them. I already gave one of them to my executive assistant. She & I went shoe-shopping the other day although we had planned on working. I got great slippers that fit me as if they were made for me (black lambswool, with leather soles) & she got polka dotted high heels.

Went down to Greenville, South Carolina, for an Eileen Ivers concert on St. Paddy's day. Great city!

My battery is at 19%. no time to hunt for a cool picture...

Blog alternative:
117. Go to a building supplies store & buy some cool thing you've always wanted or just now saw for the very first thing & think it's cool. One glass block. A 6-foot dowel with 1" diameter. Or, just pick up some paint chips for an imaginary project.