Monday, October 4, 2010

Perusing pixels & paper play

Shadow, Panel Lift, Shoes

As promised, (part of) the nifty keen panel lift. With bonus shadow. No additional calories. Easy to pack. Take one with you everywhere. Except midnight. Okay, midnight at Reykjavik you could probably get a shadow. Or anywhere there's a streetlight. Grin.

I lied to you last night. Instead of perusing the dictionary, I watched Mel Gibson in What Women Want. Amazing all the things I didn't know I wanted. Grin again.

So the dictionary is still enticing me. I used an E word since that's where I'm dipping my toe in. I could have said entering since that starts with E, but metaphor is more exciting. (There, I got them both.)

I also have to practice a monologue for my acting class. Send out some poetry. Pay the electric bill. Walk. There's a stack of papers with my name on it. But not a big one. I've been better & better at paper play.

Blog alternative:
191. Pick up a paper. Just one. Feel its crispness or crumpled-ness or limpness. Appreciate what it stands for, even if it's a bill. Think about what it means: heat? electricity for when it's dark & you'd rather read than sleep (or would like to see Mel Gibson's pixels dancing on flat glass)? a good meal? toilet paper? After you're done appreciating it, file it or recycle it or toss it in the fire. Repeat. A few times. (Remember the appreciate part.)