Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hot-wired peach guava eudemonics

I took someone's old red car for a spin...

Last time I mentioned that I was about to enter the end of E, & that--by the time I reached the beginning of A--it would be the first time I'd looked at every page in my dictionary. How fitting that I would mention that before delving into E, because way back when I looked at every E-word & wrote bunches of them down for my then-husband because he'd written a program--unused now at IBM, so I'm cleared to release this information--called ELAPS & he wanted a good E word to start of the name. IBM just LOVES acronyms. I can't remember if Bruce had already decided on Eclectic Logical Analysis Processing System, but he put a bunch of the other E words on the announcement of little baby ELAPS's birth. (Including "egregious." Let it never be said that IBMers lack a sense of humor. One of them, at least, has a very good one.)

I did go through E again & wrote down a few strange & lovely words for your edification.
eutaxy: (rare) good & fitting order or arrangement
euplastic: healing readily
eudemonics: the art or theory of happiness

May you have eutaxy in all things & be well-versed in eudemonics &--should occasion rise that you are injured or unwell--may you be euplastic.

I just purchased a bunch of colored pencils & pastels & various papers & paint brushes & some strange antiquing paste from an art supply store that is going out of business. It was my second trip there, after hearing about it from a barista who is also an artist. I purchased a few strange things to try out at a deep discount. Who knows where it will lead? Stay tuned. No, don't stay tuned--tune into your own adventure.

I am experiencing an increasing state of eutaxy, &--to celebrate--I shall drink some Odwalla peach guava smoothie with coconut juice & take a nap.

Blog alternative:
192. Take someone's car for a spin. Or their motorcycle. Or their trike. Or their RV rollerblades figure skates wheel chair dune buggy etcetera. Hotwire your imagination, rather than the vehicle. You can even take off in a police car that way, & no one will be after you.

(I know, their does not grammatically work with someONE's & there is no punctuation in that list. I did it that way on purpose. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I just wanted my juice & the commas would have slowed me down...)