Friday, July 22, 2011

Kindergarten blind date

what is the summer?
a not-blog zone?
do not worry, though,
about my relationship with words & pictures.
I write away.
I write to.
I write out & into.
I draw upon & out & together.
new & newish & a little bit old.
the past five years, mostly,
the new baby work is a big
girl/boy now,
off to school.
mother, I'd rather do it myself!
you go right ahead...
I'll do the laundry & make lunches
& be there when you want to talk.

seriously & playfully, I am getting the work together. or the work is getting me together. either way, we are having so much fun.

so, back to work.

Blog alternative:
212. Dust off an old idea. Introduce it to a new idea, or another old idea. Look at your watch & say, "omigoodness, I have to be somewhere!" Dim the lights & hit the romantic music on the way out. Imagine the ideas, laughing at your obviousity, getting ready to go off & do their own things, but deciding they might as well drink the wine you opened before you left...