Thursday, March 29, 2012

Incognito Genie plays catch & release with the stink bugs

a little marker drawing
I did around a blob of paint...

Got the camera back. It's charging now, so I can check it out & show you some pictures, but I think I'll be going to bed before it's done charging & I wanted to blog again, so here I am, trumpet shadow less again. (You are going to be so disappointed after all this build up. Grin.)

In my continuing organization evolution, I have purchased a new product: The WonderFile portable workstation! As Seen On TV. Turns Any Space into an Organized Workspace! (I got the red one. Very cool looking. I shall report on its efficacy. I've actually made great progress with a much more low tech system, which involved organizing things into stacks & then -- instead of just stacking the stacks -- placing each stack into a catalog or magazine so it wouldn't re-mingle with its buddies. Segregation, in a word. & then some new stuff turned up that wasn't in any of the stacks & I just put it away in its proper places. Wow -- what a concept. I should do that more often. Grin.

It is an extremely beautiful week here. I've been walking a lot. Oops, gotta go, a crazed stink bug is flying around the room, bouncing off the mobile. If it stops somewhere I can reach it, I will catch it & give it a little ride in the palm of my hand out to the deck.

Blog alternative:
228. Pick up 3 somethings that are not in appropriate places. Put them where you think they should really go, whether that's the trash or a drawer or a recycling bin. (I even pounded a nail into the bathroom wall & hung a picture that I bought in Black Mountain the day I took the needle felting class.)