Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zombie football team takes up needle felting

In case you tuned in specifically to catch a glimpse of my trumpet -- or its shadow -- I say to you "Flee with all haste." My camera is currently in the hands of the geek squad. Or, rather, enroute from wherever the geek squaddies were working on it to the local Best Buy store. Perhaps it is my camera, if it was fixable. Perhaps it is a new one, if it was not. I shall find out soon. Anyway, if you haven't fled yet, Hi!

An oldish picture of my newish closet,
still in the process of being organized

I've been art-ing & finding marvelous free art supplies just lying on the ground. cedar boards, cut into thin strips, near a sawhorse at the side of a local pizza joint called The Mellow Mushroom. I asked if I could have them & the answer was yes. The very same day I was inspired to go into a yarn shop & saw 3 little scraps of yarn on a counter & when I asked if I could have them the guy gave me a purple plastic bag full of little yarn scraps.

This is my second fortuitous visit to a yarn shop. Derrick is taking a clay class in Black Mountain & I rode along with him & meandered the town a few weeks ago. Went into a yarn store & they had a class in needle felting coming up not 2 hours later. I checked in with Derrick & arranged for later transportation (since we'd come together in my car) & signed up for the class. Oh, joy. Needle felting sounds like squirrels nibbling on wood, or perhaps an attack of wild termites, as the uber-sharp barbed needles go through the combed wool & into the foam block & back up again & it's way fun. I have quite a knack for needle felting, it turns out. Later (with the old fixed camera or the new replaced camera) I shall show you.

I just took a Tumbleweed Tiny House work shop in Asheville. Very fun. I learned some things, one of which is that I already know quite a bit, which was fun to confirm. Met some great people. Got rid of someones's headache & helped someone else with some persistent shoulder pain -- she has less pain & more range of motion than she's had in years. Yay, energy!

I've also watched some fun dvds lately. We Are Marshall, about a college football team that crashed & died & the coach who helped rebuild it. (No, not a zombie movie.) If you watch it, check out the great coaches special feature. I think I watched it 3 times!

Blog alternative:
227. Imagine living in a house that's only 120 square feet. (Or 350, if 120 is too small a leap.) What would you for sure have to find space for & what could you begin to let go of?